Champagne Serge Mathieu


Welcome to Avirey-Lingey in the Aube region of Champagne.

The Aube region forms the southernmost part of Champagne’s vineyards. West and South of the city of Troyes lie some 6,800 hectares (16,800 acres) of vines that form approximately a fifth of the total Champagne appellation. Around the town of Bar-sur-Seine, some 40 kilometres South-East of Troyes, we find the area known as the Côte des Bars. Vines lie on either bank of the river Seine, clinging to the best exposed slopes. The landscape is harmonious, with alternating vineyards and woods flowing over gentle hills. The village of Avirey-Lingey is one of the smallest wine-growing communes in the area. This is the home of Champagne Serge Mathieu, a family winery that has its roots in the Aube and vineyards that it cares for and defends by an ecological and honest approach, aimed at producing wines of character and refinement that reflect the surrounding elements.

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« Many say that one should not judge on appearances. This is untrue in the case of Serge Mathieu’s range of Champagnes. The impression of clarity and elegance that is given by the labels, together with that sophisticated touch that derives from attention to detail combined with an innate sense of balance, are both to be found in the aromas and flavours of all the wines in the range. Many talk of pure flavours in Champagne : these wines really illustrate them, thanks to refined growing techniques and careful winemaking. Champagne is naturally crisp. For it to acquire some suppleness, it must be aged for a long time. If not, to make it easier to drink, its finest flavours will have to be masked by excessive dosage in sugar. Very few Champagnes can boast the ageing that all the range of Serge Mathieu Champagnes undergo. »

David Cobbold